Things to Know About Insurance Claims

Insurance is an aspect of life that no one wants to think about until a claim needs to be filed. In most cases, this means you’ve gone through a terrible ordeal, and the insurance company needs to listen to your claim and help you out. Money is the last thing you should have to worry about at such a time. Unfortunately, there are still many things that you should know about insurance claims, before you even get your insurance:

  • Coverage is often regarded as a matter of opinion. While the details of the policy may point to some concrete considerations regarding when coverage can apply and when it can’t, insurance companies often have a way of presenting the evidence in such a way that it actually seems like you don’t even need a very high compensation.
  • Insurers aren’t always helpful, and some of them are downright rude when the time comes that they have to help you out with your claim. Fortunately there are very experienced Denver roofing contractors who work directly with your insurance company.
  • The time limits on filing a claim are often quite narrow. This is why you should never wait too long to file a claim, since some insurance companies will tell you straight out that you’re no longer eligible for compensation.


With the help of a dependable public adjuster or lawyer, you can bypass many of these problems. However, researching the best insurance companies in advance is also highly recommended, if you don’t want the process to be slow and difficult when filing a claim.

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What Does a Public Adjuster Do?

If you suffered an accident, or your home was damaged as a result of a natural calamity, hiring a public adjuster can really help you out. The best public adjusters will start the process quite immediately, gathering evidence, talking to your insurance company on your behalf, and making sure all the paperwork is in order, so you can present your case with favorable results.


The function of a public adjuster is to mediate on your behalf, gather all the necessary information pertaining to the damage that was done, and manage your insurance claim for you. While most insurance companies will be genuinely interested in helping you out and providing you with enough money to rebuild and pay your medical bills, no company wants to lose money. So, hiring a public adjuster may be necessary almost every time, especially on occasions when the difference between what the insurance company offers you and what you should get is several thousand dollars or more.

With the help of a dependable public adjuster, you can lessen some of the load and reduce some of the stress that has been put upon you during some of your most trying days. They have many contacts with local contractors, and can connect you with wonderful roofing contractors experienced with roofing Denver homes.  When you can’t work, your house needs immediate repairs, or a loved one is in the hospital, you’ll definitely want someone knowledgeable at your side to help you secure the most favorable result when dealing with your insurer.

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What Grows on a Garden Roof?

The plants that are selected for a garden roof vary by region, but they generally consist of plants that are well suited to extremes in temperature and exposure, and are often low growing. Broadly speaking: things that grow on cliffs are good for garden (sometimes known as vegetated) roofs.

At the same time, the potential benefits of a garden roof are fairly well established: reduced stormwater runoff, improved energy performance, and reduced urban heat island effect. But what you don’t often hear about is how beautiful a garden roof can be. In fact, if you’ve ever had the chance to tour one, you know it’s quite an experience. It’s a little bit like being on a mountaintop, and with the birds chirping and greenery all around you, it can be very beautiful.

Although garden roofing is a small segment of the marketplace, for these reasons and many more, it continues to show strong growth. That’s why we’re so excited to be partnering with proven vegetative roof provider LiveRoof®. Our partnership gives designers and facility managers a single point of contact for the project, and the system is installed in modules or trays, which eliminates the need for a drainage mat, filter fabric, or drainage layer like conventional garden roof systems. Talk with your Denver roofer to discuss the different roof garden options available. 

The system offers a variety of plant options and system depths. (In vegetated roofing parlance, lower system depths are known as extensive — think of spreading the soil out extensively — and thicker ones are known as “intensive.”) Whatever your needs, the LiveRoof® system offers the pre-vegetation of carpet or sod-like green roof systems but with a broader plant palette and without the need for additional watering and maintenance required by mat systems for establishment.

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